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stained-concreteRemoving oil stains from your concrete driveway, patio, or garage floor is a difficult process. They usually have the annoying tendency to reappear after you think they are gone for good. There are many products to choose from, but finding the best one can be tricky.

In this article, I will review the best concrete oil stain removers. I’ll examine their pros and cons so you can make an informed decision when selecting one for your home!

Best Concrete Oil Stain Removers in September, 2022

1Oil Eater
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2Chomp Pull It Out32 ounces Check Price
3EXIMO remover0.75 lbs Check Price
4Terminator HSD2 lbs Check Price
5Oillift remover32 fl oz Check Price

1. Oil Eater Original Cleaner Degreaser – Multipurpose Cleaner

The last thing anyone wants is a greasy surface, a thing oil stain can do to your floor. The Oil eater is ever hungry to clean up oil stains off your concrete floor. It serves as a degreaser and can work on a large surface area. The original Oil eater is safe for use.

Free from toxin and hazard

In a bid to clean up oil stains from the floor, you do not want to use harmful products that can cause a negative effect. The water-based oil cleaner takes safety into account while dissolving grease and oil. Oil eater cleaner and degreaser does not contain acid, abrasive, or petroleum solvents, it safely dissolves oils and grease on concrete surfaces.

It works as a water-based cleaner surfactant and biodegradable making it safe for all types of cleaning uses including septic systems. The cleaner is non-corrosive, non-hazardous, and free from toxins, it is approved for use by regulatory bodies.

Household use

Oil eater is a versatile cleaner, it doubles as a cleaner and a greaser on different kinds of surfaces and different stains. It is a useful cleaner in getting rid of oil and grease stains in the home. It works on surfaces like asphalt and concrete driveways, carpets, floors, laundry precept, decks, grills, etc.

To maximize the use of the oil eater cleaner it is necessary to dilute it for use. It is a concentrated cleaner and comes with a dilution chart, the dilution chart should be used to get the best product performance from the cleaner.

Industrial use

The water-based oil eater cleaner is not only suitable for household cleaning alone, it can conveniently handle tough oil stains from industrial use as well. You can clean oil and grease stains off machinery, engines, and as a floor scrubber. It is also suitable for use at production facilities, garages, restaurants, etc.

The dilution of the cleaner depends on the type of cleaning exercise to be done, it requires you to add water to get light, medium, and heavy-duty cleaner depending on your needs.

  • It is generally considered safe for use and approved for non-food surfaces.
  • The cleaner is a multipurpose cleaner and can be used for domestic and industrial purposes.
  • It can be slightly ineffective if not diluted properly.
  • Old oil stains do not come off easily and need to be worked on persistently.

2. Chomp Pull It Out Oil/Stain Remover for Concrete – Safe and easy to use

Chomp Pull It Out oil and stain remover gets rid of stains totally by lifting, cleaning, and removing oil stains from concrete surfaces. The cleaner is a deep penetrating formula and it effectively gets rid of oil with this technique. The cleaner is an effective oil stain remover and simple to use.

Easy to use

The Chomp oil stain removal offers a great deal of support and simplicity in getting rid of stains. The cleaning formula is made for your convenience and ease, it comes in a convenient container. You can easily pour out the content of the bottle onto a stained surface, for oil-stained concrete, pour a small portion of the Chomp cleaner onto the surface and cover it till it dries.

Chomp Pull It Out stain remover penetrates deeply into the surface of the stained floor and pulls out the stain embedded into the floor, the stain comes off dried and you can easily get rid of it by brushing it off to give you your stain-free concrete surface.


The Chomp stain remover is effective, but not only that, but it is also safe to use. The cleaning formula is devoid of any harmful chemical compound that can cause damage to the user and surfaces. The cleaning formula is made up of safe chemicals that effectively gets rid of oil stains, it does not involve the use of acids, bleach or any other chemical not friendly with the ecosystem.

Versatile technology use

Concrete surfaces although with similar constituents can be slightly different in composition leading to a need of having different cleaning techniques for different types of surfaces. With the Chomp Pull It Out oil stain removal you do not have to be so worried about what your concrete surface is made of, the cleaner works with a poultice technology which makes it have a broad range of use on several surfaces.

The cleaner is effective for a wide variety of surfaces and concrete conditions, for different concrete types, it still brings out the same result. With the aid of the deep penetrating formula, it can get rid of stains from porous flooring surfaces. It also takes care of a large number of oil or petroleum-based stains like the brake and transmission fluid which are an example of a common spill on concrete driveways, parking lots, garage floors, etc.

  • Chomp pulls out stains with deep penetrating formula.
  • The cleaner is from acids, bleaches, and other hazardous chemical compounds.
  • The process of cleaning is simple and the cleaner is easy to use.
  • It is not suitable for use in the large stained area.

3. EXIMO Waterless Concrete Cleaner – Natural concrete restorer

The Eximo concrete cleaner is a different type of cleaner, compared to other types of a commercial cleaner. It comes in a powdery form, making the form of packaging easier and free from spills. It is an active cleaner and works to restore the natural color of a concrete surface.

Powerful cleaner

The waterless Eximo concrete cleaner is a tough one against oil stains on concrete. The cleaner is designed to remove oil stains off surfaces in a unique way. Compared to cleaners that are focused on using chemical compounds to get rid of stains, the Eximo concrete cleaner makes use of microbes and enzymes to remove stains from surfaces. The microbes and enzymes work by breaking down the hydrocarbon chains present in petroleum-based stains. The breaking of the hydrocarbon chain lifts deep concrete stains from surfaces.

Environmentally friendly

The waterless formula is designed to be safe for environmental use, it takes away every form of harmful chemicals or hazards. The use of Eximo cleaner is safe for the user and things around the environment like plants and pets.

No scrubbing

The application and cleaning process of the Eximo waterless concrete cleaner is quite easy. It requires you to add the powder to the surface of the stain, add a little water to keep it wet. It can also be used on dry surfaces without adding water, but it works best with water. For both applications, either wet or dry surfaces, it does not require scrubbing. The formula is active for removing stains without the need to sweep or wash them off.

  • The cleaner requires very little effort.
  • Eximo cleaner comes in an easy and simple to use packaging material.
  • It can work on both wet and dry surfaces.
  • It works better with the addition of water and might not wash off easily
  • The powder can easily be blown away to other surfaces.

4. Terminator HSD Concrete Cleaner – Eco-friendly cleaner

This concrete cleaner also comes in the form of a powder cleaner, it removes stains easily with the aid of the highly concentrated oil stain remover. The cleaner does not require scrubbing or any other mechanical effort at removing deep oil stains. It works for a lot of concrete surfaces and stains.

Effective oil stain removal

Terminator HSD cleaner is efficient and effective when it comes to getting rid of oil stains off surfaces, it breaks down and dissolves oil stains. With the use of Terminator’s specialized cleaning formula, oil stains are reduced to carbon dioxide and water. The breakdown of the oil stains into by-products makes the cleaning process easy, it is also friendly with the ecosystem and prevents pollution.

Removal of a large stain

Terminator HSD is cost-effective, with a little portion of the powder cleaning, you can get rid of large stain surfaces. Other forms of cleaners, especially in liquid form, often require a large portion of the cleaner to get rid of oil stains, Terminator only requires a little portion of the powder to be spread over large stain surfaces.

Convenience of usage

The cleaner is set to be used with convenience by anybody. The process of applying is non-complicated, you only need to sprinkle a small portion of powder over-identified oil surfaces and apply a small amount of water to keep it wet. There is no need for scrubbing or removal, it saves up the time expected to be used for post-cleaning or scrubbing.

  • It is simple and easy to use and works on many surfaces.
  • The process of oil stain removal is friendly to the environment.
  • It requires reapplying the cleaner constantly for a long period.

5. Oil Lift Concentrated Non-Toxic Oil Remover – Professional Oil Remover

This oil lift is on a professional level, it is formulated to handle oil stains efficiently without any back strain or residue. The industrial-strength cleaner comes with a non-toxic and safe-to-use formula that offers convenience for cleaning.

Industrial cleaner

When it comes to the professional setting of removing oil stains, this is typically a go-to cleaner. It is used by professional cleaners to get rid of a commercial and residential areas. The cleaner comes in the form of a liquid contained in a large container to accommodate heavy-duty cleaning. No matter the size or how dense the oil stain is, there is enough Oil Lift to get rid of it.

Asides from its industrial cleaning strength, it can effectively handle large oil spills from domestic usage. Large oil spills from your garage floor, driveways, and parking lots can be removed with the highly industrialized cleaning formula of Oil Lift.

Non-Toxic and Eco-certified

Regardless of the oil cleaner coming in liquid form it still recognizes the need to have an eco-friendly cleaner that is free from toxic compounds. The multipurpose green cleaner acts by penetrating deeply into the oil stain surface and absorbing oil completely from surfaces. The cleaner separates the oil and makes it easy to be soaked up and rinsed off.

The Oil Lift oil remover makes use of eco-certified cleaning compounds that do not contribute to the pollution of the environment. If you need an industrial oil cleaner that is effective and at the same time does not have toxic side effects, Oil Lift cleaners might be the perfect match.

  • Oil Lift gets rid of commercial and industrial oil stains.
  • It comes in a large container to handle large stain surfaces
  • Oil residue can contaminate the water body if it is not properly soaked and rinsed.

How Concrete Oil Stain Removers Work

Concrete oil stain remover works by breaking down multiple different types of oils that are causing the concrete’s staining issues. The active chemicals in concrete oil removers first break up hydrocarbon chains, leaving them water-soluble and easily evaporated away. Then they remove excess oil stains by penetrating deep into the pores of the concrete and emulsifying (breaking down) any oils that are left. Finally, they attach themselves to minerals in the aggregate (gravel) to further assist in their removal.

Why Use Specialized Concrete Oil Stain Removers

Some of the benefits of using concrete oil stain remover include:

  • The ability to remove both fresh and old oil stains
  • Products are safe to use on concrete surfaces
  • They are easy to use
  • Stain removers are affordable
  • Usually, concrete oil stain removers do not require heavy scrubbing

Types of Concrete Stain Removers

Non-acidic removers

concrete-surface There are various products on the market that can be used to remove concrete stains, but not all of them work equally well, or they may contain chemicals that you don’t want anywhere near your home – like bleach (chlorine).

Acidic removers

The most effective concrete stain removers are acids. They work by breaking down the proteins in the concrete stain, allowing it to be more easily removed. However, these products must be used with caution as they can also damage the surrounding surfaces if not used properly.

Enzymatic removers

Enzyme-based concrete stain removers are a newer product that is becoming more and more popular. They work by using natural enzymes to break down the proteins in the concrete stain, and they are safe to use around plants and pets.

How to Use Concrete Oil Stain Remover

  1. Clean the surface of your concrete before using the product.
  2. Use a pressure washer or hand-held sprayer to remove any dirt, grime, mildew stains, debris, or loose paint.
  3. Apply the product with a pump-up garden sprinkler or low-pressure garden hose sprayer or roller and scrub in with a stiff bristle brush
  4. Let the product work for 15 to 20 minutes, depending on the severity of your stains or debris.
  5. Scrub again and hose down to rinse off the surface.
  6. Let the concrete dry completely before using it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Coca-Cola remove oil stains from concrete?

The jury is still out on this one. There are conflicting reports with some people saying that cola works, some saying it doesn’t and others who have had no luck whatsoever. The success of the treatment really comes down to the type and source of the stain as well as the age of it but also a lot of trial and error will be needed.

Does vinegar remove oil stains from concrete?

It does seem to work at least some of the time. Mix equal amounts of water and vinegar, brush the mixture onto the stain and let it sit for at least 24 hours. Then pour boiling water over the area and scrub with a stiff brush.

Can a pressure washer remove oil stains from concrete?

Yes. But first, you must make sure that the concrete surface has been clean and de-greased with solvent or degreaser. Next, adjust the pressure washer to a low setting (under 3000 psi) so as not to break through the top of your flooring. Begin spraying at the outside edge of the stain, moving toward its center. Be careful not to let the stream linger in one area for too long or it may cause damage. Check progress frequently with a black light to ensure all oil residue is gone. If needed, repeat until the spot is fully removed.


Oil stains cannot be completely ruled out from occurring especially in vulnerable areas like the garage, parking lots, workshops and driveways. What is important is getting rid of the stains as they come, leaving oil stains for long to disfigure surfaces and can be harmful.

With the right concrete cleaner, you can get rid of oil stains from surfaces, either for industrial or domestic purposes, you can always have an effective cleaner. I have put together cleaners that I consider the best when it comes to concrete cleaning. Check it out.

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