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countetops Changing a countertop completely can be quite expensive, but sometimes it cannot be helped when it fades and gets messy. As an alternative to spending that high on changing the countertops, you can carry out a renovation. You can get your countertop in a great shape by painting them, painting old or faded countertops gives it a new look that compliments your space. I have some recommendations here for you as regards the best countertop paints.

Best Countertop Paints in August, 2022

1Giani Paint Kit
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35 sq ft Check Price
2Rust-Oleum Kit50 sq ft Check Price
3SpreadStone30 - 40 sq ft Check Price
4BeyondPaint35 sq ft Check Price

1. Giani White Diamond Countertop Paint Kit – Glossy and Long Lasting

If you a lover of granite countertop or you love the feel of it, Giani White Countertop paint provides you with the opportunity to have a granite countertop in your home. The paint gives a high-end granite finish. It is easy to use with simple application steps.

Safe for use

One major area of worry for most homeowners is the safety of paints, most paint types contain chemicals that can be harmful either through inhalation or contact. The Giani countertop removes this fear from the mind of users, it complies with the Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) regulatory level.

The low VOC level makes it safe for indoor usage, it has a low odour and can be used in food sensitive areas like the kitchen or places where food is being handled. The water-based acrylic paint does a great job in giving your old countertops a new and beautiful look.

Large Coverage area

The Giani White Diamond countertop paint has a large coverage area, with a little amount of the paint you can get a large area covered. A single Giani paint kit can cover about 35 square feet which is the average size of a kitchen countertop. Asides from the large coverage area, it is also suitable for different types of surfaces, it can be used on laminate, Corian, ceramic etc.

The process of completing the painting of the countertop can be carried out in easy steps by following the recommended instructions. The new minerals contained in the Giani pack allow you to create brighter white granite countertops without having to build up many layers of white limestone.


The application of Giani countertop paint gives the surface a high gloss finish that has the look and feel of granite. The paint is long-lasting on surfaces, it offers a durable acrylic topcoat protection against daily use. The Giani paint comes in about five different colours to suit your need and taste for the environment.

With about four hours of painting and sixteen hours of drying, you have a solidified surface and within two weeks it can be made available for daily use. The Giani Countertop paint is not only paint, it also comes with the needed kits to carry out the painting and renovation of countertops to give you a durable surface.

  • It has the feel of real granite.
  • The water-based acrylic paint offers long-lasting protection to surfaces.
  • Giani countertop paint has low VOC and safe to use indoors.
  • It takes about 14 days before you can make normal use of the countertop.
  • You might need an extra topcoat for your surfaces.

2. Rust-Oleum Countertop Transformations Kit – Affordable and easy to use

The Rust-Oleum is made for transformation. Do you have a worn out, or rusty countertop, you can change the whole look of it by making use of the Rust-Oleum transformation kit. It offers an easy and affordable means of renovating a countertop.

Professional outlook

With the touch of the Rust-Oleum on your countertop surface, you can have an exquisite outlook for either your kitchen or bathroom countertop. You do not have to be a professional to give that look, as a DIY starter you can create a beautiful looking countertop. The Rust-Oleum Countertop paint gives surfaces a premium natural stone looks to create an attractive effect on your counter surfaces.

The transformation kit consists of all the needed tools to carry out the task of countertop painting, the kits involved in countertop transformation include an adhesive base coat, sanding block, decorative chip, stir sticks etc. These accessories help in the easy application of paints over the counter surfaces.

Affordable alternatives

Rather than demolishing your disfigured countertops, you can transform with the Rust-Oleum. The countertop paint offers an affordable alternative in the renovation of worn-out countertops. The paint works well with different variety of countertops including the kitchen and bathroom countertops. The usage of the Rust-Oleum saves you both money of changing countertops completely and also the cost of hiring a professional painter.

The paint covers a larger surface area as well, a pack of the oleum paint can cover up to 50 square feet, enough to completely paint a countertop and maybe another smaller countertop.

Long-lasting effect

One of the major features offered by the Rust-Oleum paint is the long-lasting effect of paints on surfaces. You do not have to make a constant painting of surfaces; a one-time painting retains its appearance for a long while giving your kitchen or bathroom countertop an attractive natural look.

This countertop paint comes in two different sizes, the large and the small kit. You can make a choice of which one to buy depending on the size of your countertop, the paints can cover between a range of 30-50 square feet. There are also different paint colours available to users, all offering the same quality and durability. Apart from the Desert Sand, you can have Charcoal, Java and Onyx color.

  • It covers a large surface area suitable for both kitchen and bathroom countertops.
  • The paint brings out a professional and an original outlook
  • The process of applying the paint to countertops is easy and simple.
  • Care must be taken when applying as the paint might be messy.
  • Lumps might be created around the edges of your countertops if not properly applied.

3. Daich Countertop Refinishing Kit Natural White – Durable, Simple Steps of Application

The Daich SpreadStone Mineral Select is a low VOC refinishing paint, it is made of real stones and has a variety of natural colour choices and finishes. The process of applying the Daich paint on any surface is quite simple and it gives a long-lasting and durable surface.

Mineral accents

Daich Countertop SpreadStone gives an incredible visual appeal of real premium stone on different kind of countertop surfaces. The unique feature of the paint is the shimmering mineral accents it offers and the colour light, the type that can only be found in natural mined rock. You can give your interiors the natural effect of mineral stones.

The Daich SpreadStone Countertop kit gives an easy and affordable means of having premium stones on your surface while still maintaining maximum functionality and durability. The Mineral Select option allows you a variety of colours to paint your countertop with while still maintain the exotic mineral accent.

Three-step kit

The countertop paint encourages DIY and easy procedure of application, the kit comes with an instructional video to assist in the painting process. The process of using the Mineral Select Countertop Finishing Kit is simplified and fast and it can be accomplished in three steps: base coat, stone coat and clear top coat.

To start the process, you need to clean the surface, before sanding and then clean again after sanding. The kit comes with sandpaper that can be available for your use if you don’t have access to an electric sander. The process of applying the first layer of coat is quite easy and takes a short waiting time to dry before applying the second coat. The sanding and sealing process comes afterwards.

Short drying time

The Daich SpreadStone paint takes a shorter time to dry compared to other types of paint. After the entire application of the coat and sealing, gentle use of the surface can begin after 24 hours. It is recommended to give it an entire week to cure and allow for the whole setting period.

Daich has a careful mix of stone ingredient, when you use the Daich SpreadStone paint, you have a countertop with granite elegance of real stone. It comes with both aesthetics and strength, countertops covered by the Daich SpreadStone are heat resistant and it gives the convenience of users in the kitchen whereby you can place your hot pans directly on it without any adverse effect.

  • The Daich SpreadStone Mineral Select offers heat, water and stain resistance to countertops.
  • It gives a natural look of mineral stones on your surfaces.
  • It might require more sanding and reapplying coats to get off the bumpy texture.

4. Beyond Counter Top Paint – Multipurpose Countertop Paint

Beyond Paint Countertop paint is a unique makeover refinishing kit. With the water-based formula, you can transform your countertops and surfaces to have a smoother and primer finish. It has versatile usage for different surfaces and maintains durability.

Versatile use

You can carry out multiple uses with the Beyond Paint Countertop Paint kit. Transform your surfaces with the use of the multipurpose paint kit, in just two or three simple steps you can have a refinish kitchen countertop, bathroom vanities, workspaces and other forms of surfaces. It can cover up to 50 square feet giving you a large coverage area.

Unlike other forms of paints that need a primer or sealer separately, the Beyond Paint goes beyond paint alone and comes with versatile use. The paint requires no stripping, sanding or priming of surfaces. The versatile use of Beyond Paint makes it cost-effective and more efficient in its usage.

Interior and Exterior use

Paints are likely to be washed off when exposed to certain conditions or external influence. The area or location of application often determines what type of paint to go for. Beyond paint offers a durable and washable surface, the durability of the paint on surfaces makes it a good option for both interior and exterior use. You can paint your indoor and outdoor surfaces without the risk of washing off or damage.

Beyond Paint countertop paint comes with optional usage of some of its products like the Beyond Paint countertop fleck to get a granite-like look on your countertop surfaces. You might need to remove excess flecks from the surface with a bit of sanding and apply light coats of Beyond Paint.

Fast drying time

The water-based formula has multipurpose use of being a bonder, primer and finisher all at once. Beyond this multipurpose feature it allows fast drying time, it is convenient for you to have your painting done during the weekend and have the result handy before the start of the new week. Once the solution cures, what you have is an elegant looking surface that is water-resistant and washable, it adds a professional-looking touch to it.

The use of Beyond Paint is not limited to countertops alone, you can use it on cabinets, bathroom accessories and other surfaces if you want to give a complete facelift to your house.

  • No stripping, sanding or priming required.
  • It comes in multiple colours to add to the aesthetic touch.
  • It can withstand harsh weather and use and still retain its original look.
  • It takes a longer time to cure
  • There are suggestions that it contains some compound that is flagged.

What to Consider When Buying the Best Countertop Paint

Are you thinking about buying a new countertop paint, we can imagine the type of confusion you might be going through while trying to make a decision about the best one for your countertop. The truth is that there are many brands and types of countertop paints and individually have their strength and limitations. A good guide to buying a countertop paint is considered desirable characteristics for the paint.

Some of the needed characteristics or features expected of a good countertop paint include the following;


Beauty and aesthetics are important features for countertop paints, but beyond that, you need a product that lasts long. Nobody wants a product that is pretty but needs to be replaced quite often. When going for the choice of product, it is necessary to have one that gives the reassurance of long term usage.

Heat Resistance


A common location for countertop at home is in the kitchen, and it often involves the use of placing hot objects on it. Asides from the direct placement of hot objects on it, the kitchen environment are often heated up and can affect the countertop if it is not of good quality. Ensure you go for products that have high heat resistance quality.


Colour is a very important piece for any type of material, it gives a sense of attraction and affinity. If you need your countertop to have matching colours with the environment or you want it to come out as an attractive piece, then you know what to do in terms of colour choice.


The countertop paints come off in different quantities and sizes. When picking which one to buy, you have to put into consideration the size of your countertop. There are standard sizes of countertops with a volume of paints that can help you in choosing or buying a countertop paint. In some cases of very big countertops or you need more coating, you might have to buy more than one container or pack of countertop paint.

Convenience of Usage

This is also a very important consideration to make. A go-to countertop paint offers ease of usage. As a DIY person, you have to be able to carry out the painting of countertops with as many easy steps as possible. There is no point in going for a paint that has complicated procedures except you plan to involve a professional.

Why Use Countertop Paint

When countertops get damaged or degrade over time, they can be an eyesore, since most countertops are always in the centre of the kitchen or bathroom. There is a huge cost involved with the installation of countertops, it is even more expensive when replacing countertops as you have to get rid of the old one and replace it with a new one.

Rather than changing the original countertop, you can have it look new by simply painting it. The specialized countertop paint makes sure cracks and faded surfaces are taken care of leaving your countertop surface squeakily clean and glittering, and it is almost new.

What You Will Need For Painting

painted-kitchen-countertopsYou require additional materials and equipment to effectively paint your countertop. Most times, commercial paints come in containers and need to be mixed with other active ingredients before it is ready for use. Depending on how the countertop is positioned and what type of surface you have, this will determine the type of materials suitable for carrying out the painting exercise.

Some common examples of additional materials used for painting are the brush, roller, paint trays etc. some of which you have to purchase by yourself and does not come with the paint. Although, some paints come with some additional kits to assist in the painting of countertops.

The materials needed for painting is not only limited to the materials used in applying paints to surfaces, there are also requirements for post-painting. These are the materials used in cleaning up the countertop surface after the paint must have been applied. If the paint is applied properly, you only need soap and a sponge to clean the surface, but if you have a grime surface, you might need to use a professional cleaner or remover.

Applying Countertop Paint

After you might have made consideration on which countertop paint you want to buy, you need to look forward to the task of really applying the countertop paint to the surface. Different brands instruct how to use the product to have a successful finish, there are common rules or steps to follow when painting the countertop surface.

Priming or Preparing The Surface

You do not just go directly to apply paint to your countertop surface, the surface most likely contains dirt and other materials that can affect the effectiveness of the paint on the surface. The first step in applying paint to the countertop is to clean the surface, get rid of oil, dirt or grease. The dirt can be removed with a scouring pad and washed off with water.

Cleaning the surface will ensure that the paint binds well with the surface of the countertops and enable it to stick well. If there are cracks or gaps on the surface of the countertop beforehand, it needs to be filled and primed before applying the paint.


All part of the countertop surface needs to be levelled up to ensure a smooth surface. The primer applied to filled surfaces needs to be left on the surface for about 8 hours to ensure it dries completely.

After the primer must have dried, the next step is to add the paint over the entire surface. You can make use of any convenient tool to apply the paint, most people use a brush or a roller to apply paint over the surface. Most times you might require more than one layer of coat on the surfaces, but you need to ensure that the first layer is given time to dry before applying the second coat of paint.

Applying a topcoat

Some countertop surface requires a sealer after painting. You can apply a topcoat on the surface. A sealer keeps the paint in place and protects it from abrasiveness or damage from use.

Once the surface is dry from the painting, sand it lightly before applying a topcoat. Allow the topcoat to sit for hours to dry before placing heavy objects on it. It takes hours for it to dry completely but about 14 days before it cures and available for full usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use bleach to clean painted countertops?

It is a common practice to try to clean your countertop after applying the paint, this is to ensure that you have a smooth surface as well as a surface free from grime. But, in this case, you cannot use bleach to clean your surface. Bleach is a very corrosive agent and can damage your newly painted countertop surface and other areas. It can not only damage your surface; it is also harmful to your health and needs to be avoided as a cleaning agent. The best choice of cleaners to use can be mild soap and water and if there is much grime on the surface, commercial cleaners can be opted for.

How long does it take for the paint to dry completely?

After painting the countertop, there is a need to have it sealed and ensure it dries properly before it can be used for daily activities. It takes a short while for the paint to dry and ready for it to be cleaned and sealed. The rate of drying of paint on surfaces is different from one painting to another. It is recommended to wait for about 14 full days before the countertop can be used for normal activity.

Is countertop paint durable?

Countertop paint is made of durable, high-quality acrylic enamel. It’s that same versatile material you’ll find on stainless steel; cast iron; and other kitchen surfaces. When applied to countertops, it offers long-lasting protection from damage and daily wear and tear. It contains advanced polymers – the first layer of acrylic hardens in just 2 minutes and protects against scratches as soon as it dries.

Is countertop paint heat resistant?

Countertop paint is designed to be heat resistant up to 450F. The exception to that rule might be if you have a metal countertop, such as stainless steel or copper. These metals are very heat-conductive and will cause the surface of your countertops to become hot during use. If you plan on having your island or other cooking areas in direct contact with these types of surfaces, it’s not recommended to use paint.

Is countertop paint safe?

Countertop paint is generally considered safe, but there are precautions you should take when using it. Keep children and pets away from the area until the product has completely dried. This normally takes about two hours after application. While some of the products may contain mild toxins such as mica pigment but according to research, they have been proven to be safe (See studies done by Environmental Protection Agency).

Can you paint countertop laminate?

Yes, you can paint countertop laminate. You may be concerned about how the finish will hold up with time, but there are finishes on the market that are specifically designed to adhere to laminate surfaces. Another thing to consider is whether or not the countertop in question has a protective barrier coat over it from the factory (some do). If it does, chances are good any type of painting you attempt will probably fail before too long due to peeling and chipping. Even if it doesn’t have this layer, the protective layers beneath may prevent your paint job from sticking no matter what kind of coating you use.

Can you use enamel paint on countertops?

Most interior enamel paints available to consumers contain no plasticizers and thus dry to a hard film. While they’re safe for use on wood trim and furniture, I don’t recommend using them on any other surfaces that will come into contact with food or water.

Can you use cabinet paint on countertops?

Most cabinet paints are not designed for use on countertops. They are usually too glossy and can be difficult to clean. In addition, the paint may not be able to withstand the heat and moisture that is typically found in kitchens. If you do choose to use cabinet paint on your countertops, be sure to test it out in a small area first to make sure it will work well.

Should you seal countertop paint?

The answer to this question is a little bit murky. Some people swear by sealing their countertop paint, while others say that it’s not necessary. The most important factor to consider when making this decision is the type of paint you are using. If you are using water-based paint, then sealing is definitely recommended. This is because water-based paints are more susceptible to staining and fading. If you are using an oil-based paint, then you may be able to get away with not sealing it, but it’s still a good idea to test a small area first to see how well the paint holds up.

Should you polyurethane over countertop paint?

The answer to this question is it depends. If you have a well-sealed countertop, then you may not need to polyurethane. However, if you have a countertop that is not sealed well, then you will need to apply a coat of polyurethane to protect the paint. Polyurethane is a clear sealant that will protect your painted countertop from moisture and staining.


Countertops are one of the lovely pieces you have in your house, it radiates class, elegance and beauty. No one wants a badly looking countertop or roughly shaped. You can renovate countertop surfaces by painting them. I have a list of some of the best countertop paints that can be used in transforming your countertops and other surfaces into a unique delight.

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