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shower-grout The importance of grout to tiles cannot be overemphasized, grouts are what fill the gap between tiles, the function of grout is to keep the tiles together and prevent water or other forms of moisture from entering. Moisture can damage tiles if it gets into them, it can cause the tiles to expand and bump against each other. Сheck out my review of the best grouts that are fit for use in your shower.

Best Grouts for Shower in July, 2022

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1. Custom Alabaster 1-Quart Simple Premium Grout – Strong and Easy

The Custom Simple Premium Grout in the alabaster color sets itself apart from traditional grout by shunning the traditional messy mixing of grout. The alabaster grout requires no mix, and it is ready for work immediately after purchase. The premium grout is customized to be protective of tiles from common damage and stains, it also has some amount of technology incorporated into it to give it an all-around protective edge and the best fit for bathroom and shower. It is suitable only for interior use, it can be used in wet areas like the shower walls, floors, and other wet areas in the house. It is for grout joints between 1/16 – inch wide to 1/2 – inch wide.

Ease of usage

Who wants more stress why try to do a difficult task? – absolutely no one. Grouting your shower is enough work on its own, simple premium grout cuts off the slack of your work by coming in a pre-mixed form. You do not have to mix the grout yourself, that is already done, all you have to do is open the lid of your grout container and grout away. This gives an easier option to the traditional grout that requires manual mixing. The premixed simple grout is easy to use and can either be used after the tiles have been installed or used in restoring grout, whichever condition, gives a lasting effect.

Highly resistant

The premium grout formula is specially made to form crack-resistant around the tiles, it also prevents the tiles from shrinking. Asides from the protection against cracking and shrinking, it also forms high resistance against common household stains. It continues to give your shower walls their original color for a long time.

Innovative Technology

The growth of mold and fungi is one of the major concerns of showers, as it is harmful to health. The custom premium grout solves this challenge through the use of innovative technology. The premium grout is protected by mold guard technology preventing the growth of mold and fungi. Using the premium grout in your showers can eliminate the common problem of fungi growth while leaving you with a sparkling and shining shower tile.

  • Premium grout is very easy to use and does not require mixing.
  • The grout formula allows it to resist most household stains.
  • It can be used for new tiles installation or as grout restoration.
  • It cannot be used in steam rooms, underwater or areas with prolonged exposure to water.
  • The porous type of surface can be stained by the grout if applied wrongly.

2. Red Devil Pre-Mixed Tile Grout Squeeze Tube, 5.5 oz, White – Strong Bonding

When it comes to the Red Devil Grout Squeeze Tube, the first thing you will notice is the size of the tube, compared to other types of grout this particular product is in a small tube. Notwithstanding the size, it has a unique grouting formula that provides professional quality of work. The shape and size of the grouting tube make it handy and easy to use, it also comes with a premixed tile grout that is user-friendly and safe for use. The tube is used by squeezing out the content and applying it on surfaces using a brush.

Adhesive property

A significant attribute of the Red Devil Grout is its excellent adhesive property, a major concern among major users of grout in the shower is the failure to adhere properly. The Red Devil brings up a stronger game for adhesion, it adheres to surfaces like the masonry, wood, and wallboard. In a place like a shower where there is constant moisture, the strong adhesion offered by the Red Devil grout is quite remarkable, with a touch of precision you can put your shower in an elegant state and last for a long time.

Versatile use

The strong adhesion of the Red Devil makes it suitable for versatile usage. It can work with both ceramic and mosaic tiles. The acrylic-based grout can be used on multiple types of tiles and still provide a durable and professional output. Despite the versatility of the grout tube with different surfaces, it still offers resistance expected of a good grout in the shower, it holds the tiles in place, resists mildew growth, and also prevents moisture and stain. Once applied, it resists discoloration the type that occurs with some types of grout. It can be used for both new and existing tile installation, it can be applied directly on former grout after the surface has been completely cleaned and it is free from moisture.


Safety is important in the showers, either protection from fungi or mould or protection from harmful chemicals that might be contained in the grout used. Red Devil Grout complies with the Volatile Organic Compound regulation, it does not give off toxic fume or odour.

  • The grout tube gives off professional quality when used.
  • It can be easily used in fixing existing tiles.
  • It is less expensive and more affordable.
  • Red Devil comes only in a 5.5 oz squeeze tube, limiting coverage area.
  • It dries quickly and might lead to cracking.

3. Red Devil House & Home Restore Tile Grout – For Transformation

As you might have guessed correctly, the Home and House tile grout are designed to be used for repairing damaged or loose grout present in different types of tiles. The Home and House tile grout have similarities to other types of Red Devil grout in terms of appearance, they all come in the usual squeeze tube, the shape of the Red Devil products have an applicator type of lid that allows easy application. It is an un-sanded type of grout that has already been premixed and ready to be used immediately after purchase.

Easy application and cleaning

The Red Devil Home and House Restore grout are quite easy to use, the shape allows direct application to seams of tiles. When applying to such surfaces there is little need for any other kit, you can easily use your finger to spread the grout evenly. In the event that there is a spill of the restore grout wrongly on the tile surface, or it is roughly laid, you can easily clean it up and try applying it again.

Transforming damaged surface

The Home and Restore come in different variants there are multiple packs of grout applicable to a different part of the home for restoring any damage done to the tiles. It works in repairing damages done to the shower tiles, either the one laid on the floor or the wall of the shower. The Red Devil is water-resistant allowing the easy repair of damaged grout in ceramic and mosaic tiles.

  • The Home and House restore tile grout is easy to apply and clean up.
  • Works effectively in regrouting damaged areas.
  • The EZ Squeeze Tube allows the constant flow of grout while working by simply winding up the tube.
  • It comes in small quantities and might require plenty of tubes to work in a large space.
  • It does not offer extensive durability.

4. Savogran Ready-To-Use Tile Grout 8 Fl. Oz – Bright and White

The Savogran Ready-To-Use Tile Grout is a ready-mix tile grout, it consists of a strong acrylic latex formula that stays bright white after it dries. If you are a lover of bright white color as a grout for your shower tiles, then this should be one of your options.

Surface Repair

The ready-to-use acrylic latex is water-resistant, it has a wide range of applications where it can be used to repair or restore damaged surfaces and tiles. It can also be used to repair ceramics, tiles, or areas around showers and sinks. Generally, Savogran is suitable for areas in the house whereby there is constant exposure to water, Savogran helps in offering water resistance to surfaces it is applied to. You can experience the transformation associated with giving your shower a facelift from the damaged or shabby state it was to a pristine look. Delay in repairing damaged tiles or surfaces leads to more cracks and damage making it harmful.

Ceramic fixtures

Asides from using Savogran to repair or regrouting, you can also use it to reset ceramic fixtures. Ceramics are regularly used in the bathroom and shower; this latex can be used in the place of cement to correct the defect with ceramics.

  • It takes a relatively shorter time to dry, bath and shower can be used after 24 hours.
  • Savogran is less expensive while offering great value
  • It is not compatible with all surfaces and may stain it.

5. Savogran Tile Grout, 1 lb, White – Multipurpose Grout

This Savogran also offers bright white grout, although this brand is made for both installation and repair. It can be used during the fresh installation of tiles or to repair damaged tiles. Like other versions of Savogran tile grout, it is waterproof, creating water resistance around surfaces and preventing stains from getting in.

Ease of application

The Savogran Tile Grout has a very easy mode of application, it requires no extra technicality and can be carried out by any homeowner. This makes a great option for the showers due to the bright white appearance it gives any surface it is applied on. You can use the Savogran grout in grouting your new tiles, with a few handy kits like a brush or roller, you can get your tiles in order and protect them from damage or cracks. The waterproof property of the grout prevents water or moisture from seeping in. Just like the previous model of Savogran, it can be used to refit old or damaged grout, the process of application here is also simple. The former surface of grout needs to be scraped off and cleaned, it should also be free from any moisture before the new one is applied.

Tiles and Ceramics

Fresh grouting and regrouting of tiles can be easily done with this product. It can also be used for ceramics fixtures; this particular product has not been premixed and needs to be mixed into a smooth paste before using it for ceramic fixtures. Savogran offers a maximum amount of resistance to moisture, stain, and damage to mosaic and ceramic tiles, some of the types commonly used in showers.

  • The product is simple to use with little or no kit
  • It offers more value than its cost
  • The product has not been premixed and needs to be mixed manually before usage.

What to Consider When Buying the Best Grout for Shower

It is necessary to have some handy information before setting out to buy a grout for your shower. If a product meets some of these requirements, it is likely that it is going to be a good one and will serve the purpose you want it to.

Water resistance

When considering products to use in your bathroom or shower, this should be the first consideration. The reason is not far-fetched, any grout that will be used in the bathroom has to be able to resist water, which is the primary purpose of grout in the water area. The grout has to be water-resistant to keep the surfaces in good shape by preventing damage that will otherwise be caused by water and other forms of moisture.

Stain resistance

In addition to the ability of grout to withstand or resist water, it should also be able to offer resistance to stains. Most grouts operate based on advanced technology that keeps the grout surface stain-free despite usage.

Mold resistance

Your hygiene is also important, tiles in the water region tend to start breeding germs and molds due to constant exposure to water. A good grout should be able to prevent the formation of mold in the bathroom and keep the area hygienic and safe for use.


The time taken for application is often a result of the means of application. Some grouts come in a sprayable form while some can be applied with the aid of a tube or using a brush. Any choice of grout for you has to be able to offer you ease of application and can be completed in a short period.


You can choose if you want to seal your grout or not, both options come with their merit and demerit. The epoxy grout can be used without sealing and still hold up well against water and other contaminants. There are equally products that require you to seal for maximum protection against stains and water.


Grouts can come in different colors depending on the type that is purchased. You might want to make sure the grout you are buying fits with the tiles and complements your bathroom environment. For most bathroom surfaces, white grout is somehow preferred to give a classy and modern look to the surface. There are different color options for grout to choose from.


Sanded grout

The sanded grout is a popular choice among grout users. the reason why it is a popular choice is basically before it is relatively cheap and also gives off a good surface. The sanded grout is made from a cement-based grout, its constituents consist of silica sand, and other inorganic compounds. It is also effective for use when it comes to kitchen and bathroom floors, although it might not be the best option for bathroom and shower walls. The sanded grout uses sand as a filler, the use of sand is the main reason why it is cheap. The sanded grout is excellent when it comes to creating wide grout lines giving you a sturdy joint. The main drawback of the sanded grout is that it is porous and requires a sealer to avoid water getting into the back of the tile.

Unsanded grout

As it sounds, the unsanded grout does not contain any sand and acts the opposite of sanded grout. Sanded grout is not suitable for use with the bathroom and shower walls but the unsanded grout. One of the reasons why the unsanded grout is best for bathroom walls is due to the thin line it creates as compared to the sanded grout that creates a wide grout line. The constituents of the unsanded grout make it a good grout to use for delicate and fragile tile surfaces. Its use can also extend to surfaces like ceramics, glass, natural stone tiles, marble, etc. Although the unsanded grout is more expensive it does not require a sealer after application. The downside is that it can not be used with tiles with wide seams and it has fewer color choices and might be a turn-off for individuals with flashy taste.

Epoxy grout

Anywhere you see the epoxy grout it is often acknowledged for its strength and durability. It contains a mix of resins and a filler powder that serves as a hardener for it. The epoxy grout is water-resistant and prevents the formation of mold on surfaces without the need for a sealant. Apart from the hardness the epoxy grout displays, it is also immune to grease and even strong acids. The epoxy grout dries very fast after application and it is a great feature for most individuals as you can get more surfaces covered in little time and at a faster pace. Epoxy grout can either come as a sanded grout or unsanded, and it is hygienic to use since it does not harbor the growth of bacteria. A disadvantage of the epoxy grout apart from the fact that it is expensive is the process of application. The grout can be quite difficult to apply and might require the service of an expert or professional.

Cement grout

As compared to the epoxy grout, the cement is more user-friendly and can be easily applied by any cadre of the user. It is a more preferred option for many and it is commonly seen around than its epoxy counterpart. The cement grout can also be sanded or unsanded depending on the areas of application as well as the size of the width between your tiles. The flaws of the cement grout are that it is prone to peeling due to the presence of its porous surface and therefore requires sealing as soon as it dries. Using a good sealer with the cement grout guarantees durability for the tile surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I remove excess grout?

This is often a common issue; it is possible to have excess grout while applying. Having excess grout can become a problem as excess grout reaching unto the tile surface can damage the tile surface. Excess grout needs to be removed from the surface after application. While removing excess grout is not a problem itself, the method of removal can be a problem in itself, using harsh materials like sandpaper to remove excess grout can end up damaging the surface doing more harm than good. In the case where there is excess grout on the surface, you can use a soft sponge to gently get rid of it.

How to mix grout for shower tile?

Mixing grout is a simple task that requires attention and some basic instructions. After mixing the grout, you should wait for 4 hours before using it. This gives ample time for it to mix well as well as settle down. Grout can be re-applied after every 24 hours before applying permanent sealants or coating the surface with a tile finish. To begin with, mix the cement and water in equal quantities till the formation of a thick paste. Mix one cup of cement and 3 cups of water at a time. Stir thoroughly to eliminate lumps until you have your desired consistency of the porridge-like substance. Adjust the amount of water if necessary by adding more or less depending on your need for thickness and consistency of pumped filler.

Should I grout or caulk shower corners?

Caulking the shower corners is easy while grouting them needs skill and experience. Grouting requires more time and effort than caulking, although it is less permanent. Grout sets firmly in place after a few hours leaving no room for any movement or alteration to occur in its position. It can be removed temporarily but once you have removed it completely from the surface, such as stripping off tiles or panels, it will become difficult to apply again.


Whether you are just installing your tiles or trying to give your showers a facelift, you need to get the best grout out there for the work. I have reviewed some of the best grouts for your shower here, each one with its uniqueness and properties. A careful choice of any of these products here will likely be the shower grout breakthrough you are looking for.

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