Best Clays for Sculpting 2022 – Reviews


Top pick Craftsmart Clay Best Clay for Sculpting Either as a newbie or professional at sculpting, you need to find the clay that works best for you. This simple, but yet challenging exercise often includes trying out a lot of clay materials before arriving at the best one. This approach might compromise the standard of … Read more

Best Pottery Wheels 2022 – Reviews


Top pick SKYTOU Pottery Wheel Best Pottery Wheel There are several tools required to create pottery. One of the most essential tools and perhaps the major tool involved in making pots is the pottery wheel. Choosing the best pottery wheel may be difficult. That’s why I created the list of the top pottery wheels.   … Read more

How to Use Pottery Wheel


The pottery wheel is one of the most important tools in a ceramics studio. It’s used to shape clay into various pieces, and it’s also really fun to use! Don’t be intimidated by this ancient technique; this blog post will show you how to use a pottery wheel for beginners and will have you sculpting … Read more