Best Blades for Cutting Granite 2022 – Reviews


Top pick Diamond Turbo Best Blade for Cutting Granite There is no denying that granite is indeed a very beautiful material. When used right, it can make any kitchen or bathroom look luxurious and elegant. However, in order to achieve its utmost benefit and beauty, it has to be cut precisely. Unfortunately, granite is sensitive … Read more

Best Granite Polishes 2022 – Reviews


Top pick Trinova Polish Best Granite Polish As beautiful and long-lasting as granite surfaces are, they need to be maintained to retain the shining look. Polishing granite surfaces allows the surface to keep its glossy finish, the beauty of granite surface is in its fine polished surface. It is important to use the best granite … Read more

How To Maintain Granite Countertop

cleaning counterops

Granite countertops are one of the nicest showpieces that any home can have. By using one of nature’s most abundant and beautiful materials, granite counters offer something that is both unique and natural. Of course, none of that will do you any good if you don’t learn how to do some basic maintenance on your … Read more

Is Sealing Granite Countertops Necessary?

After you’ve upgraded your home with a new set of granite slab countertops, it is time to face the inevitable question: To seal or not to seal? If you know anything about granite, you have almost certainly heard of sealer products, which soak into the stone and protect it from harm. Sealing is indeed a … Read more

How to Apply Granite Sealer

Applying granite sealer

If you have a stunning granite countertop, you want to maintain its show home condition. This means you should take some time and effort to seal the granite. Some granite countertops are installed already pre-sealed. But if yours is not pre-sealed, you should work quickly to apply sealer to shield it from mars resulting from … Read more

How to Remove Sealer From Granite Countertops

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Are your granite countertops giving you a hard time in removing the sealers? I know countertops are your investment and they deserve maximum maintenance. Well, I have got professional tips that are guaranteed to help you remove that sealer from your countertop. The tips will guide you in the process of removing worn, old or … Read more